Insurance Considerations for Researchers

UC Travel Insurance

  1. Click on UC Traveler Insurance and fill out form

  2. Print and carry insurance card, forward a copy to your emergency contact

What is covered?  Travel for UC business out of state and abroad.

Who is covered?  UC Employees, dependents, students, those designated by UC, on UC business.

Includes:  Emergency medical evacuation, security extraction,  travel assistance,  loss of personal property.

Personal Travel Insurance is available with similar benefits.

Other Insurance

Medical Insurance

Existing medical insurance policies and benefits apply while working oversees. The carrier may require advance notification of your trip, especially if you need supplies before you go. Contact your insurance carrier ti clarify international travel requirements.

Proof of Insurance

Some Visa applications require proof of insurance, obtained from the Risk Management Office. To reissue your Travel Insurance card, login from the email with which you registered. Take your Medical insurance card, you may need it at some borders which require proof of insurance.

Property Insurance

The travel insurance covers some personal property, but not UCSF property. Risk Management offers supplementary insurance to cover UC property. 

Clinician Liability Insurance

If you are practicing under the auspices of your employment, your liability insurance provided as part of your employment will cover you. If your job description does not cover your activities, you may not be covered. When you are in the United States, you have defined protections as a physician volunteer (part of HIPAA) but when you travel abroad the federal protections do not apply. Each country has its own laws. If you plan to practice medicine as a volunteer abroad you are strongly advised to do so under the auspices of an international volunteer organization with a well defined presence in your host country. Clarify how this is addressed by their organization.

Clinical Study Insurance

If you are launching a Clinical Study abroad, talk about it with Risk Management and get their recommendations for insuring clinical studies.

Auto Insurance

The Office of the President negotiates car rental agreements. One of the big companies is likely available at your airport. More expensive than local transport, they have defined legal relationships with the university. You should be able to book them thru Connexxus.

Questions?  Contact UCOP Risk Services at (510) 987-9832.

Last updated: November 15, 2018