Professional & Ethical Behavior

When traveling abroad on UC business, you are acting as an ambassador not only for GHS and UCSF, but for your country. Professionalism includes courtesy, communication, and consideration of others’ viewpoints. Understand differing views regarding the value of individuality. In the U.S., we view personal initiative and the ability to question authority as valuable traits, yet in many cultures of the developing world, deference to authority and to community norms is more important because it supports community cohesion.

Helpful Tips

  • Know how to deal with privacy and informed consent while abroad.
  • Culture shock is common. Assess your feelings and be aware of how you react to differences and stresses.
  • Use your onsite advisor. Speak with him/her about problems you may be encountering. Ask questions. 
  • You are a guest. Appreciate the privilege of visiting the people and sites hosting you. 




Last updated: November 15, 2018