Travel Accident Insurance

UC Student Off-Campus Travel Accident Insurance

All students are covered at no cost under UC’s Student Off-Campus Travel Accident Benefit, 24 hours/day, 7 days a week while on UC-related travel. Students on University business (such as clinical rotations, field projects, research, or conferences) are entitled to University of California travel insurance through ACE. Note that this insurance is valid for university business only; leisure trips are not covered. ACE Insurance is free but enrollment is not automatic. You must enroll each time you travel, and benefits vary depending on whether you are traveling inside California, within the United States, or abroad. To enroll, and to learn about the benefits to which you are entitled, visit the UC Business Travel website.

  • This benefit covers emergency medical care and travel, political/security evacuation, repatriation, and many other related services. See the UC Business Travel Benefits Summary.
  • Travelers receive an insurance card with access to an international toll-free 24-hour emergency hotline.
  • Be aware that:
     - coverage extends only for the duration of the trip
     - each traveler must register anew every time they travel
  • Registering your trip automatically connects you to iJet in order to receive iJet Worldcue Travel Intelligence updates (see below).
  • For more complete information, visit the UCSF Risk Management website

Remember: By registering your travel you receive both travel accident insurance and iJet intelligence alerts free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you decide to include personal travel with University-related travel? Will you be covered?

Yes, the policy provides for a 7 day personal deviation on foreign travel or 3 day personal deviation on Domestic travel. “Personal Deviation” means an activity that is not reasonably related to University business; and not incidental to the purpose of the trip. Examples include earlier arrival or extending your stay to conduct other personal travel in the area or to other nearby cities/countries.

Are you covered for travel to countries in which the State Department has banned travel to or issued a travel warning?

When traveling to foreign countries in which a travel advisory has been issued, you will still be provided coverage under the policy. The issue will be that it may take longer to provide some assistance services that may be needed. Instability, political upheaval, unrest, airport closure, weather conditions, military actions or similar situations may cause delays. For foreign countries in which sanctions have been imposed against traveling or doing business in, no coverage will be provided, unless the State Department has approved for you to be and/or do business in that country.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, visit the UC Trips site and scroll down to UC Student Off-Campus Frequently Asked Questions or contact the UCSF Risk Management and Insurance Services office at 415-476-3460.

Last updated: November 7, 2013