Travel Reimbursements


In order to receive student/trainee project related travel reimbursements a student must first submit a request for support from their program.  For information on trainee funding support, including travel support, eligibility and application deadlines, go to the Resource Allocation Program for Trainees website

Directions for most GHS programs

  • To receive reimbursement for your travels, you must provide: 
  • Original receipts for any expense over $75. For expenses below $75, provide a log of the date, item purchased, cost, and if a meal, individuals present 
  • Proof of payment such as credit card statements (black out your card # except the last 4 digits) 
  • UC ID number or Social Security number 
  • Address to send check 
  • Put all receipts in date order 
  • Tape them to paper and write a short note date, what for, and amount if hard to read.  For the environmentally conscious, it is fine to use the back of scrap paper; accounting prefers more pages with legible notes to a collage of receipts. 
  • For items that you do not have a receipt for, please fill out a Declaration of Missing Receipts 
  • For currency conversion, go to and use the first day of your trip 
  • Fill out a TEV form 

Last updated: March 17, 2015