UC Travel Insurance

UC Traveler Insurance is provided for travel for UC business out of state and to foreign countries.  UC Travler insurance covers all employees, their dependents, UC students, and other individuals designated by UC for travel on official UC business.  Coverage benefits include:

  • Emergency medical evacuation

  • Security extraction

  • Travel assistance

  • Loss of personal property

Call ACE USA in emergency

  • Domestic 1-866-451-7606
  • International 1-202-828-5896 (call collect)

Before Every Trip

Register at https://www.uctrips-insurance.org

  1. Click on UC Traveler Insurance
  2. Fill out form
  3. Print insurance card and carry with you
  4. Forward copy of insurance card to appropriate administrator, if applicable
  • What is covered?  Travel for UC business out of state and abroad
  • Who is covered?  UC Employees, dependents, students, Individuals designated by UC for travel on UC business
  • Includes:  Emergency medical evacuation, security extraction,  travel assistance,  loss of personal property
  • Personal Travel Insurance is available with similar benefits


Contact UC Risk Services at (510) 987-9832.

Last updated: November 5, 2013